Accept Challenge and Refuse To Fail

About Dave

Director: Boots and Bible Ministries

Born in Pennsylvania and lives in Illinois.

Interested in the Theological combination of Game Theory, Leadership and Social Responsibility.

Adapted and Adjust - Flexibility's the Key ...


  • Graduate Student Oxford Brookes University

  • Graduate US Army Command and General Staff College

  • Master's of Divinity from Wesley Biblical Seminary

  • Bachelor of Science in Pastoral Ministries and Christian Education from United Wesleyan College, now merged with Indiana Wesleyan University

    • Collector: Baseball Cards

      I collect Pre-WWII baseball cards and have the complete Pittsbugh Pirate T206 Page 1 & Page 2 and T205 Page 3 and Page 4 sets (minus T206 Honus Wagner) to name a few. Speaking of Honus Wagner, here's a picture of my Honus Wagner set. My pride and joy is the 1913 Fatima Pirates Team picture.

      Member: Wesleyan Theological Society

      The Wesleyan Theological Society seeks to encourage the exchange of ideas among Wesleyan-Holiness theologians.

      Member: The Francis Asbury Society

      The Francis Asbury Society is a network of believers whose lives have been changed by this message, and who are called to carry the message to the world.

      Supporter: World Vision

      World Vision partners with children, families, and their communities to reach their full potential by tackling the causes of poverty and injustice.

      Supporter: World Relief

      World Relief stands with the vulnerable, partnering with local churches to end the cycle of suffering, transforming lives and building sustainable communities.

      New York Yankees

      Worked as Chaplain for the New York Yankees from February 1996 - June 1997.

Milton Haney Project

  • Milton Haney was a Illinois Methodist Preacher, Chaplain, Evangelist, Theologian and Medal of Honor recipient.

Death Penalty Information Center

  • I met Gary Gauger in August 2008 and spent two weeks with him during his lawsuit against McHenry County, Illinois. His case changed my view point on the death penalty. I no longer support death penalty. Read his story at the link posted and you will walk away with a new idea of what it means to be wrongfully prosecuted.

  • Though I don't agree totally with the Death Penalty Information Center it is well worth the read, then make up your own mind Death Penalty Information Center.

  • 135 people have been wrongfully convicted and placed on death row but then after removed. I admit some had techicalities that I don't think meet the criteria of "wrongfully convicted" but yes many of the 135 simply were / are the wrong people with confessions from the actual killers.