Accept Challenge and Refuse To Fail


A non-linear blend of conflict prevention, political, security, humanitarian and development activities, tailored to the particular context.

Humanitarian Action

Seeks to save lives, alleviate suffering in response to need.

Critical Issues ...

UN Secretary-General's Policy Committee agreed on the following conceptual basis for peacebuilding to inform UN practice.

"Peacebuilding involves a range of measures targeted to reduce the risk of lapsing or relapsing into conflict by strengthening national capacities at all levels for conflict management, and to lay the foundations for sustainable peace and development. Peacebuilding strategies must be coherent and tailored to specific needs of the country concerned, based on national ownership, and should comprise a carefully prioritized, sequenced, and therefore relatively narrow set of activities aimed at achieving the above objectives."

Humanitarian Action.

  • Provides life-saving services and facilitates the return to normalcy for people and communities affected by natural and man-made disasters.

  • It also seeks to lessen the destructive impact of disasters and complex emergencies.